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Here are some of their stories:

Samantha Druzin

Ehab is amazing. I went to him for migraines, and he significantly reduced them. I had other health issues come up, including a sports injury and he is magic. One session and I was 90% healed. 100%! Recommend!!

I came in with a pain in my neck that was unbearable, and I left with a smile on my face because of how quickly the pain dissipated in the one hour session. Thank you for your knowledge & help. I highly recommend this location for body adjustments in posture, neck sprains, shoulder pains, etc. Thank You 🙏

Ehab is a very kind and honest man. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. Always a positive experience. Highly recommend.

I am so grateful to have met Ehab. I suffered for several months of intense stomach issues, visitsted the ER, had invasive and unpleasant Gastroentoligist's procedures performed only to have been brushed off by Medical Drs. Thankfully I met Ehab. He was able to assess my health issue efficiently and effectively. He truly listens and asks questions, is extremely knowledgeable, professional and understands the human body. He makes you feel comfortable and explains everything in a manner that's easy to understand. Thank G-d for this man! He truly is a blessing in this world. I highly recommend him.

Each time I find myself with next and upper back pain, Ehab Khalil manages to fix my condition. One one occasion, after five days of rigorous rest, I was able to hike canyons in Utah and Arizona during 8 whole days with a heavy backpack without pain or discomfort.

So helpful! After only one appointment of seeing Ehab for my sprained thumb, and instilling his recommended hand exercises and advice as well as using a medicated cream he offered, my hand was completely healed after only a few weeks! Since then I’ve been able to play the piano without any pain or discomfort!

Ehab was great at fixing my lower back pain. I had a sudden pain in my lower back that sent sharp pains when I bent down. I went to see him and after the 1st session my pain was 90% gone after 2 days. I did a follow up and so far I have no pain. He's very calm and easy going. Also listens to your issues and takes his time. I'm glad I found him so close to VSL.

Ehab is the best osteopath and massage therapist in Montreal . I’ve tried many places there is no one like Ehab . I had a foot fracture he accelerated my rehabilitation before I saw him I was having too much pain and trouble walking. He also does the best amazing relaxing massages . He’s very caring and most attentive to your needs . His hands are like magic. You won’t know until you tried him.

I have been Ehab's patient for a little over 2 years, he is my go to practitioner whenever my body starts falling apart (and is quite often).
Ehab is really good and effective at what he does, he seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to communicating with your body.
Thank you for your help!!

I went to Ehab because I had constant neck and shoulder pain. With only 2 sessions he adjusted and relieved my pain. He gave great advice and tips to help keep my body healthy afterwards. During the sessions, Ehab’s attitude is very professional and enjoyable.

Mr. Khalil is extremely knowledgeable in his field, very professional, pleasant and thoroughly in his work. After a few sessions, I saw a dramatic difference. He located problem areas with ease, and I was amazed how the body can store such aches and pains. These osteopath sessions were a gift to myself! Highly recommend,
Mr. Ehab Khalil to any one with pain or simply for maintenance of good bodily health.

ehab has literally changed my life. He has been the only person who had helped me with my migraines and listens to all your health issues. He cares, he understands and he is the nicest most helpful person I’ve ever met. I recommend him beyond words!!!!!!

Ehab was amazing!
I went to see him for migraines, headaches and constant shoulder and neck pain.
He was able to adjust and relieve my pain by the end of the session.
Super professional, great massage techniques, really knew what he was doing.
Highly recommend ,
He also was very informative and really listened to me.

Ehab is extremely knowledgeable and very attuned with what's ailing you. He is attentive, professional and very caring.

I have been to many osteopaths over the years for long standing problems with my back and I can honestly say that there is no one like Ehab! He is incredibly warm and caring and is a true professional. He takes exceptional care of his clients. I very highly recommend him!

I went to see Ehab for a groin issue that had been bothering me for 2 months. He was able to pinpoint the problem and after just 3 sessions my groin issue was 80-90% recovered. With rest and some exercises given to me by Ehab, I feel like I am back on track. Highly recommend paying him a visit for any groin/lower back issues or re-alignment.

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